MASTERING THE MANAGEMENT PROCESS:   Effective Evaluations, Constructive Discipline, and Lawful Terminations


 Workshop Description:

CAREERBUILDER.COM CHIMPANZEE SUPER BOWL ADSTerminating an employee is costly and painful for all involved. Although termination is sometimes unavoidable, every effort should be made to minimize the need to discharge an employee by maximizing the ability of the employee to succeed.This workshop will explore both the subjective and the objective elements of effectively managing employees to decrease the likelihood that a termination will be required:

  •  On the objective (“legal”) side, we will identify and discuss the policies and procedures your practice must have in place to effectively and lawfully manage employees through the evaluation, performance improvement plan, and discipline processes.
  •  On the subjective (“soft”) side, we will identify employees’ personality types  that shape the character of your practice. We will give you the management tools you need to get the most out of each type of employee, and we will also explore the evaluation and discipline techniques that work best with each employee type.

Target Audience:

This Workshop is intended for business owners, administrators, and management staff involved in the evaluation, discipline, and termination processes in their workplaces

Course Design:

  • This Workshop can be presented as a 3-hour, half-day, or full-day experience.
  • The Workshop is interactive and entertaining, and uses real-life case studies to help attendees learn the skills they need to be more effective managers of the evaluation, discipline, and termination processes.
  • Leigh and Judy will use a variety of formats to present the course content, and will incorporate live demonstrations, small group exercises, and lecture formats to provide a high-energy learning experience.


What People are Saying

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  • Every Doctor should attend the "Mastering the Hiring Process" seminar. It is an ABSOLUTE MUST!! Educate yourself on how to build an all star team!! Samantha Glucksman, Henry Schein Dental
  • The interactive Hiring Seminar improved both my interviewing skills and ability to identify red flags on a resume. Dr. Jared Bruggeman, Smokyhill Dental
  • Whether you have years of experience or you are just getting your feet wet, I would encourage anyone who has a role in the hiring process to attend "Mastering the Hiring Process." Elaine Olsen, Colorado Wellness Dentistry
  • Leigh's expertise combined with Judy's extensive background in employment law provided helpful guidance to make my weaknesses become strengths. Dr. Jared Bruggeman, Smokyhill Dental
  • Judy presented detailed legal information that was easy to follow and kept the audience engaged. Leigh enhanced the presentation with value based practice management techniques. Areta Reimer, MHS, Consultant
  • The hiring seminar is a great resource for Colorado dentists and dental office managers. The seminar covers the basic, and not-so-basic, skills you need to find the perfect fit for your dental team. Pam Brockhaus, Associate Executive Director, Colorado Dental Association
  • The hiring seminar was one of the best I've attended. The interactive exercises allowed participants to put to use the information covered in a fun and entertaining way. Areta Reimer, MHS, Certified Dentrix Trainer
  • Judy did a wonderful job and was so informative on the ins and outs of the process. As always, Leigh was an amazing seminar leader.
    Allison Garcia - Practice Director
    Steele Dentistry of Stapleton
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the hiring seminar. I gained some useful information and insights. Leigh and Judy were excellent presenters and they were able to convey their messages in a very "user friendly" and entertaining manner. Lori Peiffer, MEDDirect Recruiting and Staffing
  • It was a great workshop... I learned how important it is to understand personality types and how to interview effectively - I really appreciated the time and effort you guys put int o this lecture Megan Schaak, Colorado Surgical Arts
  • Leigh and Judy have put together a program that is highly informative, yet fun and engaging with an opportunity to practice your new skills. The seminar is not to be missed! Elaine Olsen, Colorado Wellness Dentistry
  • I really appreciated the time and effort you guys put into this lecture and I look forward to attending more in the future! Thanks! Megan Schaak, Colorado Surgical Arts
  • Those who attend seminar will walk away with the knowledge and tools necessary to hire the RIGHT way - from the beginning stages of recruitment through the entire interview process. You will learn about personality traits as well as legal considerations that may have never crossed your mind. Samantha Glucksman, Henry Schein Dental